[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on SuSE 7.0 anyone?

Markus Alt altmark@de.ibm.com
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:17:08 +0100

Chaskiel M Grundman wrote:
> In addition, I also adjusted an AFS structure that needs to be kept in
> sync with a linux struct inode. I would appreciate finding out if this
> works for you so I can consider submitting it to the openafs-gatekeeper
> (well, once I figure out how to identify LFS-patched kernels in a way
> other than #ifdef _REISER_FS_I)

Thanks for the patch - of course I will try if it works and let you know
how far I got. Just one question before I start: My system has a kernel
which supports ReiserFS and in fact I also use ReiserFS for my
filesystems. Do you see any difficulties in that?


Markus Alt
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany