[OpenAFS] "vos create" problem

Sergei Naumov naumov@r-style.donpac.ru
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 14:45:18 +0400

I am installing OpenAFS 1.0.3 on Sun/Solaris 2.7. Going through the steps in
Beginnings" I came to the step that creates the AFS volume but it yells at me
with this:

    # ./bos status perun fs -long -noauth
    Instance fs, (type is fs) has core file, currently running normally.
    Auxiliary status is: salvaging file system.
    Process last started at Mon Apr  2 14:10:44 2001 (49 proc starts)
    Last exit at Mon Apr  2 14:10:44 2001
    Last error exit at Mon Apr  2 14:10:44 2001, by file, due to signal 12
    Command 1 is '/usr/afs/bin/fileserver'
    Command 2 is '/usr/afs/bin/volserver'
    Command 3 is '/usr/afs/bin/salvager'

    # ./vos create perun /vicepa root.afs -cell r-style.donpac.ru -noauth
    Could not fetch the list of partitions from the server
    Possible communication failure
    Possible communication failure

I thought it might be a DNS thing and tried a fully qualified name for the
server and also an
IP number. It still says the same thing.

How do I deal with this situation?

Thanks much,