[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on HP-UX 10.2

Mika, David P (CRD) mika@exc01crdge.crd.ge.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 10:42:29 -0400

I just did some digging in HP user lists for a relevant discussion found at
http://devresource.hp.com/CXX/Forums/cxx-dev/cxx-dev.9809/0128.html (also included below)

>However, the benefits of getting it working are relatively non-existent, as
>the kernel support is not likely to be forthcoming any time soon (if at

Yes, but can a port w/o kernel support be used in server mode?  That would suffice for my needs.




        I just traveled this road and one more detail is that 
        "DCE-CoreTools" is a bundle on the 10.20 Core OS media, 
        *NOT* the application CDs. 


    John Bayley wrote: 
    > Benson I. Margulies writes: 
    > > Could some kind individual tell me exactly what I need to install on an 
    > > S800 system running 10.20 so that I get pthread.h and related programming 
    > > impedimenta? 
    > Benson, 
    > The following products will do the trick : 
    > $ swlist -l file -l product | grep pthread.h 
    > DCE-CoreTools.DCE-BPRG: /opt/dce/include/pthread.h 
    > DCE-CoreTools.DCE-BPRG: /usr/include/pthread.h 
    > or even more specifically : 
    > $ swlist -l file -l subproduct | grep pthread.h 
    > DCE-CoreTools.Development.DCE-BPRG: /opt/dce/include/pthread.h 
    > DCE-CoreTools.Development.DCE-BPRG: /usr/include/pthread.h