[OpenAFS] openafs and kerberos5

Forrest D. Whitcher fw@fwsystems.com
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 11:45:09 -0400


I've been wrestling with this for several weeks, and have gotten
a good bit of help from Ken Hornstein who put together the most
recent (to my knowlege) set of migration tools for this.

Results so far are that I was able to get an appearantly successful
build of the essential tools (asetkey and aklog). However I've as
yet been unable to make it work in-practice.

(!!!! btw HELP! :- ... the latest I've been able to figure out is
that when I obtain an afs ticket from the k5 KDC (requires krb524d
be running to translate tickets).. the AFS key that is granted is
listed in the K5 tickets !!!??? might explain why afs is complaining
when I try to use the ticket????)

I've been expending most of my effort on my AIX box, building the
migration kit there required modifying the libcrypt to libk5crypt
(I assume this was a change in K5 between release 1.0 for which
Ken built the kit and release 1.2.2 which I am using now.)
I also had to make available some header files for a function
that had been changed to a macro def.

A quick go at building the kit on a redhat 6.2 system looked less 
promising still. I got compiler errors right at the start of the
build and won't spend any time on it until I figure out what's
the scoop with the higher-level problems.

that's my status as of now, tools to read / analyse kerberos 4 & 5
tickets and keys would be of great help in debugging right now, 
but I don't know of such a thing.


David Hajek wrote:
> Hello,
> is it possible to configure OpenAFS 1.3.0 with kerberos 5? I would
> like to run this configuration on RH7 distro. AFS manual does not
> say much about this issue. Manual only mentions that usage of
> modified versions of klog, pagsh and tokens are required. But how
> I tell AFS to use kerberos?
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