[OpenAFS] Solaris 8 with NAMEI...

Jeffrey B. Woodward Jeffrey.B.Woodward@Dartmouth.EDU
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:01:02 -0400

I was able to get the OpenAFS 1.0.3 snapshot from this morning (10 Apr 2001)
to build for Solaris8 with the NAMEI interface; however, I had to mess
around a bit due to src/vol/gi.c not linking because of an unresolved symbol
to iopen(). My solution was to just move the original gi.c out of the way,
and stub it with a "do-nothing-one-liner" C program. From looking at gi.c,
it appears to be a "utility" program that stat's or dumps the contents of a
particular inode. I don't know if this utility is specific to the native AFS
filesystem (and thus it should be conditionally compiled only if
AFS_NAMEI_ENV is not defined) or if it is meant to be a generic utility (and
thus the build procedure should be fixed for when AFS_NAMEI_ENV is defined).

I haven't attempted to configure and run the AFS server, yet, so there is
still the chance of other problems lurking. I would appreciate hearing from
any other users that have experience [success or failure] using the NAMEI
interface especially on Solaris 8.

-Jeff Woodward
 Systems and Database Administrator
 The fMRI Data Center
 Dartmouth College
 6162 Moore Hall