[OpenAFS] Installing OpenAFS on RH7.0

Timothy J. Wood tjw@omnigroup.com
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 20:32:13 -0700

   I'm in the process of installing a test AFS 1.0.3 server on a clean 
RH7.0 box.  I'm following the IBM Quick Beginnings instructions and am 
running into the fact that these instructions don't apply 100% to the 

   I have /usr/{afs,vice}/etc/{ThisCell,CellServDB} set up correctly now 
(well, I think so -- the /usr/afs versions are symlinks to the /usr/vice 

[root@afs1 db]# bos listhosts afs1.omnigroup.com -noauth
Cell name is omnigroup.com
     Host 1 is afs1.omnigroup.com

   I then created the databases with:

bos create afs1.omnigroup.com kaserver simple /usr/afs/bin/kaserver 
-cell omnigroup.com -noauth
bos create afs1.omnigroup.com buserver simple /usr/afs/bin/buserver 
-cell omnigroup.com -noauth
bos create afs1.omnigroup.com ptserver simple /usr/afs/bin/ptserver 
-cell omnigroup.com -noauth
bos create afs1.omnigroup.com vlserver simple /usr/afs/bin/vlserver 
-cell omnigroup.com -noauth

   And I have:

[root@afs1 db]# ls /usr/afs/db
bdb.DB0     kaserver.DB0     prdb.DB0     vldb.DB0
bdb.DBSYS1  kaserver.DBSYS1  prdb.DBSYS1  vldb.DBSYS1

   Now, when I try to follow the next step, to create the 'afs' user, kas 
hangs for a while and then complains about not being able to connect to 
a server (probably kaserver).

   The instructions implied that the 'bos create' commands would actually 
start some processes, but they did not.

   In the log directory, I have an 'AuthLog' that says:

/usr/afs/bin/kaserver: problems with host name Ubik init failed
l database.
Sun Jan  5 22:33:17 1997 Using level crypt for Ubik connections.
Sun Jan  5 22:33:17 1997 ubik: primary address does not exist

   Do I need to put (loopback) in the CellServDB instead of the 
real IP of my server?  A bunch of the logs for the other servers have 
the same sort of error (gosh, it would have been nice if it had given me 
the error from the 'bos create' command :)