[OpenAFS] VShutdown?

Stotler, John jstotler@quelsys.com
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 09:44:19 -0400

I had a server go down this morning, and I'm having trouble figuring out

The only odd thing I can find is in FileLog.old:

Sun Apr 15 04:00:11 2001 There are 5 workstations, 1 are active (req in < 15
mins), 0 marked "down"
Sun Apr 15 04:00:11 2001 VShutdown:  shutting down on-line volumes...
Sun Apr 15 04:00:12 2001 VShutdown:  complete.

I haven't seen or used VShutdown -- and I certainly didn't call it. Was this
called by some internal process?

John Stotler