[OpenAFS] Industrial Strength AFS usage?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
20 Apr 2001 19:31:08 -0400

There are plenty of AFS sites that are serving near-terabytes of space
with thousands of clients.  It all depends on how much shared
read-write space you need across all your clients (nodes?), and in
what timeframe.


"Jeffrey E. Sussna" <jsussna@mongonet.net> writes:

> I need distributed file system functionality for a very high-performance, 
> enterprise-grade application consisting of something on the order of 1000 
> processing nodes. I am new to AFS, and wonder whether it has been 
> successfully used in such environments. Any good/bad anecdotes would be 
> appreciated. I can standardize on a single OS for the file system servers 
> but must support Solaris, Linux, and WinNT clients. Linux as the AFS server 
> platform would be ideal from my perspective.
> TIA,
> Jeff
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