[OpenAFS] Industrial Strength AFS Usage Details

Jeffrey E. Sussna jsussna@mongonet.net
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:30:26 -0700

Here is a more detailed description of my potential AFS usage model. I 
would appreciate any concrete feedback on AFS's suitability for it:

Basic model: process A writes file X. Process B and C read file X. Process 
C writes file Y. Processes D, E, and F read file Y. Process F writes file 
Z. A->B->C->D->E->F constitutes a "job". At the end of the job X, Y, and Z 
can all be deleted, and should be as each machine will otherwise pile up a 
few gigs of data per day. Things get interesting if a job crashes. I'd 
rather not have to grunge around hundreds of machines looking for leftover 
files that are safe to delete, or maintain global state to do it for me. 
The entire system runs inside a private network. Many jobs run in parallel, 
but there is no interaction between jobs. I am also investigating 
publish-subscribe middleware such as Tibco and Talarian.


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