[OpenAFS] Authentication problems with 1.0.4

Knape, Dean Dean.M.Knape@NJIT.EDU
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:40:16 -0400


I am having the same problem and have yet to find the solution.  What I have
noticed, is that my userid is recognized.  If I try to klog from the command
line, klog complains it can't determine local cell name, even if it is
specified on the command line.  The afsdcell.ini is correct.


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I've installed the AFS Client in Windows 2000 Professional.

I can configure the client, but whenever I try to log in, it always says 

Error: 62 (password is incorrect)

although I am entering the correct password. The AFS server I am trying to
connect is a 3.4a, but this shouldn't be the problem, right?

Thanks for any help.

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