[OpenAFS] Getting started

Sam Hartman hartmans@mit.edu
30 Apr 2001 08:59:21 -0400

>>>>> "Jacob" == Jacob Gorm Hansen <jg@ioi.dk> writes:

    Jacob> Hi, I've just installed OpenAFS 1.0.4 on Debian Unstable.

    Jacob> I do not have Kerberos working, so for starters I just want
    Jacob> to get the client running. Is it possible to somehow do
    Jacob> 'anonymous afs' to one of the cells in the CellservDB?

  I'm assuming you are using the Debian packages, not building it yourself.

What cell name did you give it at configuration time?  To start the
AFS client your home cell must be functioning.  So, if you gave it the
name of a new cell it won't work and you probably want to
dpkg-reconfigure -plow openafs-client.

Also, note that getting Kerberos working really should be as easy as
apt-get install krb5-admin-server