[OpenAFS] admin problem with AFS - krb5

Martin Schulz schulz@iwrmm.math.uni-karlsruhe.de
30 Apr 2001 15:00:08 +0200


using afs against a kerberos 5 (with the migration kit by ken Hornstein) 
I have a problem to get my administrative acount working. 

On the kas server, I have a "admin" principal that works
flawlessly. Howerver, I want to switch that ka server off. I therefore
created a "schulz/admin" principal on the Kerberos5, and want to take
this principal take the role of the "admin" before.

I created a afs user ('pts createuser') with a not-yet-used afs id, I
added the new principal to the system:administratos group and put him
into the UserList on my afs server, but something must still be

I can kinit to the schulz/admin principal and klist shows me the
credentials. When using 'aklog', I get no error and 'tokens' shows me
an afs token, but does not mention any AFS user id, as it does for my
usual principal "schulz":

$ tokens

Tokens held by the Cache Manager:

Tokens for afs@iwrmm.uni-karlsruhe.de [Expires May  1 00:38]
   --End of list--

Usually this read like:
User's (AFS ID 1) tokens for afs@iwrmm.uni-karlsruhe.de [Expires May  1 15:47]

As a consequence I cannot issue any privileged commands as schulz/admin. 
What does still need to get done? What am I overlooking? 

Martin Schulz                             schulz@iwrmm.math.uni-karlsruhe.de
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