[OpenAFS] bos hangs during OpenAFS server wizard on XP

Noel Burton-Krahn noel@burton-krahn.com
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:50:41 -0800


I just ran the OpenAFS configuration wizard on my desktop at work,
trying to set it up as a cell server.  Everything goes well until the
wizard tries to start bos.  It hangs, and this is what's left in the

17:06:57 12/04/01:  Putting this host in cell 'noel.mcomi.com'.
17:06:57 12/04/01:  Stopping the client.
17:06:58 12/04/01:  Putting the AFS Client in this host's cell.
17:06:58 12/04/01:  Starting the bos server in no auth mode.
17:09:03 12/04/01:  Error 4634d has occurred:  timed out waiting for the
AFS bosserver control service to start or stop.
17:10:45 12/04/01:  Configuration has failed.

Any advice?  Thanks in advance.

My computer is a Win XP box with a fake IP address (192.168.1.x) with no
reverse IP address.  Could that be a problem?

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