[OpenAFS] General server upgrade

Nuno Miguel Neves nneves@di.fc.ul.pt
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 19:41:08 +0000


I'm writing to see if anyone gives my ideas on how to do the following:

I have an AFS cell (about 10 years old :) ), running Transarc AFS 3.4a on some Solaris and HPUX machines. 

I would like to upgrade the entire infrastructure to Linux and OpenAFS (almost from scratch), but:

 - I did not install the cell the first time (although I belong to the system:administrators group)
 - The fileserver information on the cell is messy (it includes some private IP addresses)
 - I'm not sure if the KeyFiles are secure anymore (so i'd prefer to change them)

 - I need (of course) to maintain the data (and the privileges would be nice too :) )

Now, I can login as administrator from some client, copy the entire cell content into the client's disk, shut down the "old" cell, and then copy the data back to the cell (I know that I must first create the corresponding volumes). But I will loose the privileges.

Is there any other way of doing this? How do you migrate AFS servers to OpenAFS, since the db servers must have the same version in order to interoperate?


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