[OpenAFS] More information on namei fileserver

Ramon Pasetes rayp@fnal.gov
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 11:11:23 CST

	Can someone point me to where I can find more information
on the namei fileserver?  I've read about it on this list and of
people using it with journaled filesystems but I haven't been able
to find out information about it in the docs. (No, I didn't
read all the docs, I did a grep -i namei throughout the doc set).
I did see mention of it in the source code, though I haven't actually
gone through the code to see what it is.

	I am thinking of using it with some solaris fileservers.  Right
now we have about 2TB of disks attached and fsck'ing these partitions
are getting really long.  Journaled filesystems would have several

Ray Pasetes