[OpenAFS] R/W replication

Nathan Rawling nrawling@firedrake.net
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 11:54:22 -0500 (EST)

> Mind if I ask to what purpose you want replicated RW volumes?  You
> certainly don't need to replicate user's homedirs.  And most system
> software should be RO anyways (you _do_ realize that you can still
> mount the RW volume of a replicated RO volume in order to make changes
> to the volume?)

A simple reason really. In the environment I work in, every time I want to
purchase equipment/software, I have to prove that it's best for the
purpose. I ended up with a half million of Network Appliance equipment
because they claimed that their stuff could do RW replication which AFS
couldn't do. 

Never mind that we didn't really need RW replication, the powers-that-be
decided to go with NetApp instead.

This is a stupid reason to add a feature to software, but it's not a bad
reason to *ask* for a feature.


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