[OpenAFS] Future Development Status?

Geoff Silver geoff@uslinux.net
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:14:03 -0500 (EST)

I'm relatively new to this list (just started following it recently),
though I used AFS when I was at the Univ. of MD.  I started looking into
OpenAFS recently as a possible solution to distributing our file systems
and data processing/distribution (between multiple data centers and our
offices), but I've run into a few issues, and was wondering if anyone
might know the answers.

First, looking through the AFS 3.6 info, it seems AFS has a 2 GB file size
limit.  I'm not positive if this will affect us yet, but I can see it
quickly becoming a problem with our Oracle databases.  We're running
Linux, and were finally able to get around that filesystem limit after
moving to the newer version of ext2 and the 2.2 kernels - and I really
don't want to go back down that road.  Is there any ongoing development
which will allow for larger file sizes?

Second, we currently use a NetApp 760 for storage (terrabytes of stuff
that gets stored in Oracle and processed), which can be mounted by either
SMB or NFS.  Is there any work being done on the NFS/AFS translators for
Linux (I see that's the only O/S which doesn't seem to support it)?  Are
there any work arounds (aside from running a seperate Sun server doing NFS

Is there support (or future support) for BSD systems, particularly OpenBSD
(which we do seem to have a few of) and for Veritas NetBackup under Linux?

Thanks so much for any help.

Geoff Silver					<geoff at uslinux dot net>
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