[OpenAFS] Future Development Status?

jeff@lfcity.org jeff@lfcity.org
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 10:36:34 -0600

At 11:14 AM 2/26/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >First, looking through the AFS 3.6 info, it seems AFS has a 2 GB file size
 >limit.  I'm not positive if this will affect us yet, but I can see it
 >quickly becoming a problem with our Oracle databases.

Running any kind of database is a problem with AFS.  AFS is NOT designed to 
handle database files (it mentions this somewhere in the documentation).

If you try to use AFS for database files, then every time a change is made 
to the database, AFS will attempt to transfer the ENTIRE database file to 
the other servers.  Transferring 2GB+ every time your database is updated 
won't work very well.

If you want to distribute your Oracle database, you'll have to look for 
another solution.  I haven't used Oracle in years, but they probably have a 
very expensive option to do this.