[OpenAFS] Maximum Volume Sizes/Setups

Geoff Silver geoff@uslinux.net
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:59:53 -0500 (EST)

I was wondering if anyone knows what the current size restrictions are on
OpenAFS volumes?  I have a lot of subdirectories which are 10-15 GB if I
don't make quite a few volumes.  We currently have the following setup:

 ^           ^   ^    ^               ^        ^           ^
 NFS Mount   |   |    Customer        City     Project     Resolution

The problem is much of the directory structure is dynamic.  We are
constantly getting new customers, our customers are constantly expanding,
and we're constantly doing projects, of which there may be multiple
solutions (at different levels of resolution or granularity).  I don't
want to have to constantly create 10 or 15 new volumes daily.

What would be optimal would be if OpenAFS could dynamicaly create volume
from these subdirectories, as needed.  Barring that, I would accept being
able to script nightly checks of the system to create new volumes out of
old ones, as required.  Usually, when a new project is run, it will
generate several gigs of data (could be 2 or 3, could be 10 or 12).

If there is an 8 GB limit (as the IBM AFS 3.6 docs suggest), then I have
to manage volumes all the way down to the 'resolution' level.  I would
like to make quite a bit of the data available as read-only copies at
other sites, especially since data rarely changes - we just create new
projects and do more computations to get more solutions.  Right now we've
got about 3/4 of a Terrabyte in use.

Ideas are appreciated.  I'm probably not as much help with AFS isues, but
I'm happy to lend some knowledge into NIS, NFS, Samba, Linux, or any other
issues 8^)  Thanks!

Geoff Silver					<geoff at uslinux dot net>
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