[OpenAFS] AFS server/cell setup tool (Linux)

Martin Schulz schulz@iwrmm.math.uni-karlsruhe.de
01 Jun 2001 10:05:44 +0200

"Shyh-Wei Luan" <luan@almaden.ibm.com> writes:

>  The
> idea is to get rid of all those AFS server configuration command steps that
> are painstaking and error-prone.

The most painfull step so far is the integration with krb5 instead of kaserver. 
If you could find a direct way to do this, it would be very nice. 

I dont even think an automated tool is of first priority, imho, a
decent description of what to do (combined with the migration kit
integrated into openafs package) would suffice in the first step.

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