[OpenAFS] Userland NFS-AFS translator?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
05 Jun 2001 13:15:51 -0400

Nobody (yet) has written a user-land AFS-NFS translator.
Theoretically it could be done using the user-land AFS cache provided
by OpenAFS.  As for System2/System3 backup, you can only replicate
read-only data.  But yes, you would achieve failover in the case of a
server failure.


titi@elonga.com writes:

> Hi,
> Is there possible to have nfs NFS-AFS proxy to be compiled and deployed 
> on unsuported Unix machine (e.g. SCO Unixware). 
> The minimal configuration I hope to get running is:
> System1 - Unixware client NFS machine. 
>         - NFS-AFS translator, runs as NFS server for localhost and AFS
>           client of the two AFS servers. 
> System2 - Linux 1st AFS server
>         - serves requests from System1 
> System3 - Linux 2nd AFS server (replicating the 1st Linux)
>         - runs as AFS replica for System2
>         - takes over as server for System1 when System2 dies.
> This configuration won't require kernel support for AFS on System1 but
> provides failover filesystem when System2 crashes.
> I know there is possible to have NFS-AFS translator running on System2 or
> 3, but in this case the fail-over capability intrinsec to AFS is lost.
> If System2 crashes, then System1's NFS connection hangs. Or isnt?
> Thanks,
> Cezar Totth
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