[OpenAFS] AFS > RH > 2.4.5?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
06 Jun 2001 14:31:49 -0400


Corey Kovacs <ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU> writes:

> I can create files and directories in the afs filespace
> (/afs/.cellname/afsdocs) just fine.

I assume you didn't use the actual string "cellname", but rather used
the name of your cell (probably "depauw.edu", based on your email

> however, when I try to copy files from ext2 into afs space, the whole
> box hangs.
> This is of course after klogging to AFS and getting a token etc.

Can you show the output of 'tokens' before you try to move this?

Can you try this from the VT-1 console and see if you get an oops?

> Do I need to compile the whole openafs package from source? This is
> how I've done it in the past with kernel 2.2.18 but the thought of
> being convenient struck me as kind of nice.

You should be able to just recompile the kernel module using the
sources in the openafs-kernel-source.  Just be sure that you install
the "24.2" release, and not the "24.1" release.

> If I need to recompile the whole thing, can I do it via rpm?

You could, but you shouldn't have to.  Recompiling just the kernel
module should be sufficient.

> Dell poweredge 2400 (2x933Mhz)
> 1 GB Ram
> PERC2/DC raid card (megaraid driver)
> /vicepa is mounted against a 20 GIG partition.

Yea, this _may_ be the 2.4 SMP problem.  I don't run 2.4, nor do I
have an SMP machine, so I have no way to test this.

> At any rate, thanx to anyone who can help with this!


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