[OpenAFS] campus usage info request

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
07 Jun 2001 12:14:50 -0700

Doreen Meyer <dimeyer@ucdavis.edu> writes:

> UC Davis currently deploys AFS for software distribution and web page
> files for administrative applications serving the campuswide population
> in a mission critical capacity.  UC Davis has a combined population of
> 40,000 students, faculty and staff.  Is anyone using AFS, OpenAFS or
> another alternative for administrative, mission-critical production
> applications on their campus?

Yes.  We have I think something like two or three terabytes in AFS here at
Stanford now, including the home directories of all users for their main
university accounts, most departmental and student group web pages
(although some run their own separate web servers), the main university
web pages, many large data collections and working space for various
research groups, most course web pages, handouts and projects for many CS,
EE, shared software installations for all campus Unix machines, and
similar classes, and all of our server configuration and build templates
and internal development trees.

While some departments use NFS for various things, we don't for any core
computing services, and we discourage it.  We tried to use DFS a while
back, which was an utter and complete failure; there's no replacement for
AFS as we use it that I've seen.

> We're interested in discussing your technical environment, experiences,
> and plans for other alternatives, especially any plans for implementing
> OpenAFS for these types of applications.

We're expecting to move towards OpenAFS in the near future, client-side
first and then probably eventually servers as well, since it's appearing
increasingly unlikely that Transarc will be able to provide the support
and bug fixes that we need.  But that's still being evaluated.

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