[OpenAFS] OpenAFS file server leaking file handles

Sam Hartman hartmans@mit.edu
07 Jun 2001 17:46:05 -0400

>>>>> "Jacob" == Jacob Gorm Hansen <jg@ioi.dk> writes:

    Jacob> When we do 'heavy lifting' such as untarring the linux kernel unto an AFS
    Jacob> volume, the AFS server starts leaking file handles, until the system runs
    Jacob> out.

I certainly don't see this.

    Jacob> We are running Linux 2.4.5 with Mosix 1.0.3, OpenAFS1.0.4 and Arla 0.35.4.

Try without Mosix.  I don't think that Mosix is going to mix that well
with an AFS server; I can see it being useful for clients though.