[OpenAFS] redhat 7.1, smp...

Nordwall, Douglas J Nordwall@pnl.gov
Fri, 08 Jun 2001 09:51:32 -0700

alrighty, here's the issue. regular default install of redhat 7.1. I made a
filesystem reiserfs, but that should not really be an issue, since it's not
touching anything afs (it's /var/www, but that's irrelevant). Anyways. I tried
installing with the rpm. It installs just fine, completely smooth. I edit
/usr/vice/etc/ThisCell, and take out all the extraneous entries in
/usr/vice/etc/CellServDB (we only need msrc.pnl.gov, which is not quite correct,
but anyways..). I doublecheck I have /lib/security/libafs.so symlinked right,
and that i hvae the right kernel module available. All there. 

So I start it...it runs! yea! Alright, now, to get some tokens..klog <user>..it
works! type in toeksn, I have the correct tokens. ls /afs .....hang. when I say
hang, I mean it hangs the shell. new xterm for me. so I try again, listing
something a little deeper..no go, still hangs...

nothing in the logs of note, just hangs...

any ideas? I should note that this only happens on smp machines. same thing on a
single processor works fine, even with an smp kernel.

--Doug Nordwall