[OpenAFS] A question about volume replication

Nathan Neulinger nneul@umr.edu
Mon, 11 Jun 2001 20:40:52 -0500

wangkun@legend.com wrote:
> I have three servers machines in my cell,one first server,two addtional
> server.All the three are both file server and database server.
> I made an examination on volume replication to see what could happen by
> replicating some volumes on all the three machines. In my oppinion:
>       when the first server corrupts,AFS system can run normally;
>       when the machine with the original R/W volume corrputs,other readonly
> copys can work proper           although they refuse any modification.
> But nothing desirable happened!I saw that:
>       when the first server corrupts,AFS system dies.
>       when the machine with the original R/W volume corrputs,you can not
> see the directory on which the R/W volume has mounted,saying nothing of
> access it or its readonly copys.
> I must make some mistake and need help.Thanks in advance.
> Regards

This is as expected. Replication is not intended to protect against
corruption - get a raid unit for that, it's designed to protect against
server failure. When replicated, you can access read-only copy from any
server, rw copy only from the server where the rw is located. If you
access through the normal path (i.e. not the special read-write mount) -
then you'll always get the read-only copy.

-- Nathan

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