[OpenAFS] PAGs aklog and PAM

Peter Popovics pop@dtv.dk
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 17:42:30 +0200

> libkafs in kth-krb or heimdal was made precisely for this sort of
> situation

... used by pam_krb5afs.so pam module, as I see... I have just recently
managed to get pam_krb5afs alive, I could do this only with the latest
versions coming with RH7.1 - I was using aklog+pam_openafs... before.

I prefer this one, 'cause it gets the token in the "auth" phase (it looks a
bit ugly, but still working), allowing to work irregular applications, not
handling pam_session* correctly, like IMAPD.

Is there any other difference in the * functionality * of these two pam