[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] Soft mounts for /afs root

Ted McCabe ted@MIT.EDU
Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:07:23 -0400

At 1:01 PM -0400 6/14/01, Derek Atkins wrote:
>Ted McCabe <ted@MIT.EDU> writes:
>>  I think the implicit method would simply replace one 'FileViewer'
>>  problem with another, more serious problem; namely how does the user
>>  make that initial, implicit access?
>Well, *I* would just "cd /afs/my-favorite-cell/path"..  But you're

As would I ;-)

>right that implicit attachment would be more difficult from a
>file-viewer without user input.  Perhaps we want a combination
>of implicit _and_ explicit functionality?

I think you're right, we'll want both.  So, as you alluded to before, 
we'll probably want this to be run-time configurable, but likely with 
3 choices, not two: implicit, explicit and both.  Or for 
completeness, 4 choices with the fourth choice being neither (which 
we have now ;-).

On reflection over this discussion, I now think that as long as the 
user is presented with some default list of cells (short, but 
non-empty, if it comes straight from us, whatever is deemed 
appropriate if modified by the machine's admin), and the user can 
easily add other cells (explicitly or implicitly but again, 
controlled or denied by the machine's admin), then we'll be on the 
right track.

In any case, as Derrick said, this all can be ironed out after the 
hard part is done.