[OpenAFS] vice partition sizes, and large disks

Esther Filderman ecf@psc.edu
Sun, 17 Jun 2001 11:51:16 -0400

We use dual-sided ACNC Jet-Stor RAID boxen for our AFS disks. Each
system has about 100G usable space available, and it's generally
broken down to partitions of sizes no bigger than 30G.  The exception
is one machine that [currently] has both sides of the box attached to
it.  The 2nd side was reconfigured and mounted as one huge 100G
partition, mostly to accomodate one mongo 55G volume.

If that system crashes, it's about 60-75 minutes for it [a Sparc Ultra-10]
to get going again, including fsck and salvage.

I'm not certain [we've had few crashes, knock on the rocks in my head], 
but I believe that the fsck time is longer than the salvage.

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