[OpenAFS] OpenAFS WinNT package woes

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
20 Jun 2001 19:38:22 -0400

FYI, I was just able to reproduce this problem on Linux:

md5sum reports:
fc322fd7950948e79bab9534f79a8d53  DEST.zip

unzip reports:
  inflating: DEST/WinInstall/_sys1.hdr  
  inflating: DEST/WinInstall/_user1.cab   bad CRC 5981ca1e  (should be 09761bea)
  inflating: DEST/WinInstall/_user1.hdr  

So, yes, there is definitely still a problem.


PS: Note that 'unzip -v' does NOT report a problem, but 'unzip' does.

Lauri Jutila <lauri@mginetechnologies.com> writes:

> Hello,
> When unzipping the package, it gives a CRC error and the setup.exe never
> fully starts. I downloaded it today, as of 18th Jun. If you could replace
> the existing corrupted package with a good one, I'd be more than grateful.
> What is the status of Win2k client logons to AFS? If it works as well as
> Win9x setups, that'd be great!
> Keep up good work!
> --
> Lauri
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