[OpenAFS] porting to a new architecture?

Sam Hartman hartmans@mit.edu
23 Jun 2001 11:40:19 -0400

>>>>> "Nordwall," == Nordwall, Douglas J <Nordwall@pnl.gov> writes:

    Nordwall,> does anyone have a list of steps that one might go
    Nordwall,> through to port openafs to a new architecture? In
    Nordwall,> particular, I am looking at porting to the strongarm,
    Nordwall,> purely for the geek factor of runnign afs on my ipaq :)
    Nordwall,> I took a stab at it once, but I'm not sure where a good
    Nordwall,> start would be.

Why don't you look at the patches required to get AFS working on Sparc
Linux?  I believe that port was the cleanest example of an Openafs
port that was just a port to a new arch and that (at least for 2.2.x)
works.  The PPC port came in at about the same time as Linux 2.4
support and the Darwin port is ambitious.