[OpenAFS] openafs.org afs cell

Sam Hartman hartmans@mit.edu
25 Jun 2001 11:55:22 -0400

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Schulz <schulz@iwrmm.math.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:

    Martin> Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
    >> The openafs.org AFS cell should finally be available late next
    >> week on temporary hardware on indefinite loan from CMU
    >> Computing Services. Newer equipment, which will allow us to
    >> expand the service offerings we have, should follow in a month
    >> or two.

    Martin> One little thing I would like to see there (and which
    Martin> obviously already exists) are regularly updated mailing
    Martin> list archieves; the repeated download of that file is not
    Martin> so funny.

There's already an anonymous IMAP archive; use isync or something like