[OpenAFS] Segfault in bos

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
28 Jun 2001 22:45:35 -0400

Andrew Klaassen <ak@dkp.com> writes:

> Ah!  That gets me a little further along, anyway.  Thanks.

You're welcome.

> I should probably dig a little deeper for documentation before I
> go too much further, though.  (Could anyone tell me, for
> example, where I'd find docs that would help me figure out what
> something like "You must be logged into the cell with tokens in
> system:administrators and with a principal that is in the susers
> file of the servers in the cell" means?)

It means you need valid AFS tokens (ala "aklog") for a user that
is both a member of the pts group system:administrators and also
in the BOServer's SUsers list.  I'm not sure how to be any more
clear than this.

The sys:admin list can be obtained via:
	pts exam system:administrators
The SUsers list can be obtained via:
	bos listusers -server <server>

> Andrew Klaassen


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