[OpenAFS] getting /usr from AFS (i.e., installing OpenAFS client on a fs tree other than /usr) :-?

Johan Danielsson joda+openafs@pdc.kth.se
29 Jun 2001 10:21:20 -0400

Paolo Saggese <Paolo.Saggese@libero.it> writes:

> But, of course, for what I'd like to do I need to install afs (or at
> least the client , /vice and any other required stuff) in some other
> place, let' say to put the binaries into /bin and/or /sbin,
> libraries under /lib, vice under /vice, etc.

You only need the kernel module, and the stuff from /usr/vice to start
afs, so it would be quite possible to put them someplace else. I think
afsd has a -confdir option.

An other way to solve this is to keep a copy of your filetree in AFS
and then just periodically update the local disk from AFS. There's a
tool called package that's intended for this. It takes a filetree
description, and then copies changed files to local disk. There's a
tool called mpp that's a preprocessor for package, but it gets really
hard to maintain so we replaced it (mpp) with a python script that I
wrote (called pvp, if you know anything about Crays you understand
why) that does things more intelligently.

If you're interested in this I can give you some examples.