[OpenAFS] readonly/readwrite

Corey Kovacs ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 14:57:23 -0500

Whew, so far so good I think...  One more thing before I start mucking about.

I understand that for things I want the users to see and use, not manipulate, I
it under the dot path (RW) of the cell (/afs/.cellname/system/usr.X11) then
root.cell and simlink /afs/.cellname/system/usr.X11 to the appropriate place
(/usr/X11). I do this by creating a volume for the binaries (usr.X11) and
mounting it under the dot path of the cellname. Hopefully this is right.

vos create ... usr.X11
fs mkm /afs/.cellname/usr.X11 usr.X11

<then after moving the files into place>

vos release root.cell    < make the binaries available via /afs/cellname/usr.X11
rm -rf /usr/X11
ln -s /afs/cellname/usr.X11 /usr/X11    <-- make it appear as though the binaries
                                                                are in the "right"

Is this correct?

Now for the user homes, seems I need to create a home volume for
each person (home.user1, home.user2 ...) and the to make sure they
were not part of the vos release mechanism mount them under, say

fs mkm /afs/home/user1 home.user1
fs mkm /afs/home/user2 home.user2
ln -s /afs/home /home

or is it simply by nature of the home.user1 volume creation in a RW mode that
I could simply get away with doing this...

fs mkm /afs/.cellname/home/user1 home.user1
fs mkm /afs/.cellname/home/user2 home.user2
ln -s /afs/.cellname/home /home

I keep going back to the home directory thing because I want to keep the
environment as "normal" for the users as possible. Thats why I want to make
a sym link to /afs/.cellname/home from /home

or does it make more sense to do this...

fs mkm /afs/.cellname/home.user1 home.user1
fs mkm /afs/.cellname/home.user2 home.user2

and then just account for the location in the passwd file like such.

<passwd entry>
user1:x:1000:1000:Joe User,,,:/afs/.cellname/home.user1:/bin/bash
user2:x:1000:1000:Jim User,,,:/afs/.cellname/home.user2:/bin/bash

I guess what I really want to get out of this message is where is the appropriate
place to put home directories with respect to the


mount points/volumes.

Again, thanx for all of your help.

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