[OpenAFS] kernel support for 2.4.2?

David Thompson thomas@cs.wisc.edu
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 10:29:12 -0600

Derek Atkins wrote:
>I have no plans to release a RH 6.2 RPM for Linux 2.4.  I might be
>convinced to do so, but someone else would have to supply me the
>appropriate kernel headers.  Generally I have only used the
>kernel-headers packages supplied by Red Hat.
>You can build yourself a kernel module by installing the
>openafs-kernel-source RPM and building it.  Yes, the sources are
>really for Linux 2.2, but the only difference between the 2.2 and 2.4
>kernel module sources are a couple of header files.  So, just replace
>the param.h files the with the appropriate i386_linux24 param files
>from the OpenAFS sources.  The rest of the openafs-kernel-source RPM
>should be fine.
>Alternatively, you could just try to rebuild the SRPM; you should be
>able to make a small change to the SPEC file to get it to build for
>Linux 2.4 (change "kernvers 22" to "kernvers 24").

>> Does anyone know if there will be an openafs rpm packaged for the 2.4.2
>> kernel any time soon? I'm running RH 6.2 and about to install 2.4.2.

There still appear to be some code problems, at least with the Red Hat
kernels.  I tried a build yesterday of the 2001-02-28 snapshot against
the Red Hat wolverine beta (2.4.1+abundant patches).  I got the same
results as were reported on this list a couple weeks ago, namely that
everything loads, but 'ls -l /afs' gives you the contents of /, not /afs.

I'm trying a current snapshot build against virgin 2.4.2 sources
today.  I'll post those results.

Did anyone ever look into this??