[OpenAFS] kernel support for 2.4.2?

Jeremy Katz katzj@linuxpower.org
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:32:11 -0800

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On Friday, March 02 2001, David Thompson said:
> There still appear to be some code problems, at least with the Red Hat
> kernels.  I tried a build yesterday of the 2001-02-28 snapshot against
> the Red Hat wolverine beta (2.4.1+abundant patches).  I got the same
> results as were reported on this list a couple weeks ago, namely that
> everything loads, but 'ls -l /afs' gives you the contents of /, not /afs.

*sigh*  Okay, okay.. I'm _really_ going to send the patches for this
this weekend.  Basic summary, the inode struct has changed in ac kernels
(which the Red Hat kernels are based off of), and tehre are a few other
smaller things that were broken.  I've got it working and will redouble
my efforts to get the patches cleaned up and sent in this weekend.
FWIW, I've got my current packages (which are a bit different from the
packages being built with releases and they do make certain Red
Hat-esque assumptions) at
(i386 packages in the obvious place)

> I'm trying a current snapshot build against virgin 2.4.2 sources
> today.  I'll post those results.

Unless Linus has merged Alan's changes (which I don't remember if he did
or didn't), stock 2.4.2 will work without any changes, although some
stuff did seem to act a tad strange when I was also testing against
2.4.1-ish Linus kernels.


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