[OpenAFS] afs/reiserfs

Markus Alt altmark@de.ibm.com
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 11:01:08 +0100

colin ellis wrote:
> I am still having problems with segmentation faults
> when writing to cells.
> Has anyone used afs alongside reiserfs?  I have
> reiserfs on root partition and I'm wondering if the
> kernel modifications for reiserfs conflict with the
> afs module.

I use ReiserFS on all of my partitions (except for the /boot partition,
which is ext2). With SuSE 7.0, kernel version 2.2.16 & OpenAFS 1.0.2,
this worked fine. After migrating to SuSE 7.1 and kernel 2.2.18, I had
similar problems as you described. I haven't had the time to track it
down so far, but as a quick workaround I changed the filesystem on
/usr/vice/cache to ext2. This works flawlessly.