[OpenAFS] 1.0.3 on Tru64 & Digital UNIX

Jimmy Engelbrecht Jimmy Engelbrecht <jimmy@e.kth.se>
09 Mar 2001 18:45:07 +0100

I have compiled openafs-1.0.3 for Digital UNIX 4.0D, and Tru64 5.1 .

The client for Tru64 5.1 doesent work wery well, and the kernel
crashes for me when i copy data into AFS. However everything else
seems to work fine.

Digital UNIX 4.0D
Client      : Tested and seems to work well.
Server      : Untested but schould work. (1.0.2 worked)
Userbinaries: Partly tested, but should work.

Tru64 5.1
Client      : client tested and does NOT work proparbly, compiled code for debugging
              purposes ONLY! (kernel crashes on store(?) operations)
Server      : Tested in small scale and works fine.
Userbinaries: Partly tested, but should work.

You can get the compiled code here if you want:



I also wrote a small REDAME-file (and copied in some stuff said on
this mailinglist.)

/Jimmy Engelbrecht, Dept. Of Electrics, KTH