[OpenAFS] high cpu usage

Chris Chris Bayly <chris.bayly@ualberta.ca>
07 Mar 2001 13:02:05 -0700

>>>>> "c" =3D=3D ckovacs  <ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU> writes:

    c> Is there a problem with AFS going nutz and hogging cpu usage?
    c> It seems that if I have OpenAFS on a client and have to restart
    c> the server for some reason, the client afsd cpu usage goes
    c> through the roof. Load averages (on the client) above 5 and 6
    c> are observed.  When I stop afs and restart it, all is
    c> well. until I restart the server process... or it restarts
    c> itself which also seems to cause the problem..=A0 any ideas? I am
    c> new to AFS in general so this might be obvious to you all.

CPU usage or load avg?  With Transarc and OpenAFS clients I've seen
big load avg's for no apparent reason (and, no I'm not sure it's AFS
at this point :), but almost 0% CPU.

AFS appears to have normal response time during the high load, and of
course, since it isn't using CPU, none of the other processes on the
box are affected...

If I can ever track down what's in the run queue when the load AVG is
so high, I'll report back more info...

(Linux/x86 UP, 384MB Ram, Transarc servers, openafs clients, for those
who are interested)

Chris Bayly

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