[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Project List

Norman P. B. Joseph joseph@ctc.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 10:02:05 -0500

On Mar 14,  9:33 Nickolai Zeldovich (kolya@MIT.EDU) wrote:

 > FWIW, I was also playing around with vos dump a while back and it
 > seemed to me rx performance was the bottleneck. Trying to read the
 > vnodes ahead of time in a separate thread, using aio to fetch vnodes
 > in parallel, etc, didn't seem to help much at all, but increasing
 > some rx parameters (eg number of packets between acks) seemed to
 > get the "vos dump" performance up a bit.

Should I assume (since this is the OpenAFS list) that these parameter changes
are source code changes?

We're running vanilla AFS 3.5 from Transarc/IBM.  Is it a safe assumption that
I can grab the OpenAFS sources for "vos", make rx parameter changes as above,
compile it and use it in my cell without too much trouble?  I've never worked
with the OpenAFS sources yet.  Is it going to be more trouble than the
performance increase is worth?

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