[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on RedHat 2.4.x kernels, again...

Troy Carter tcarter@princeton.edu
14 Mar 2001 09:15:00 -0500

I am trying to get OpenAFS going on a P4 running RedHat Fisher (kernel
I have seen the threads explaining the current problems with trying to
compile OpenAFS on -ac or RedHat patched 2.4.x kernels.  I also saw the
patches made by Jeremy Katz to try to fix the problem, and I downloaded
his source RPMS from NCSU (openafs-1.0.2-0.14).  I rebuilt the RPM with
no problems, thanks to his patches, but I can't get OpenAFS to start.
The kernel module loads successfully, but when I start afsd (service afs
start), I get the following syslog message, and then it hangs:

Mar 13 16:28:05 termita kernel: sock_release(rx_socket) FIXME
Mar 13 16:28:05 termita kernel: AFS: RX failed to initialize.

I can then rmmod the kernel module and ^C the afsd start and I get a
kernel oops, but everything exits fine.

My question (perhaps to Jeremy) -- These patches are known to work fine
on other RH 7.0.90 systems, correct?  Is there something I am doing
wrong or is this a bug (perhaps a P4 related problem)?
Should I just be patient and wait for the patches to get into CVS :) ?

I should probably just grab vanilla 2.4.2 and compile that, it seems
that this works fine from reading the archives. However, I am not in
charge of this box, I am just trying to use it (I am a grad student,
doing some free sysadmining in order to get this new P4 working enough
so I can do my data analysis on it... (some of the data and code is on
afs, and the sysadmins gave up on afs once they couldn't get transarc
afs to work by trying to forcibly load the 2.2.x kernel module.... :)

I have been using openafs on my own linux boxes since it was released,


Troy Carter