[OpenAFS] AFS + kerberos on a small cluster of servers - openafs | Arla???

Forrest D. Whitcher fw@mozart.fwsystems.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:49:25 -0500

kay, sorry to be posting this , probably something simple but
I've rtfm'd extensively and consulted the FAQ.

Hmm, having considerable trouble figuring out AFS installation
working from the sources on:

rs/6000 aix 4.3.1
RH linux kernel 2.2.14
slackware kernel 2.2.13

I've installed Vanilla - kerberos on all these systems. That's
running on all cylinders and my local relam is setup. I chose
to use flat Kerberos in place of AIX's DCE due to 

Next, the builds for afs 1.0.3, all say they built ok. There seems 
to be NO instruction for howto install???

When I (naievely?) tried 'make install' it dies, saying that
'washtool' isn't present, looking at the docs, washtool is 
there for the build, not the install, right?

The 'dest' directory of the build clearly seems to have all of
the files needed and it's pretty clear from the (murky) IBM Quick
Beginnings(sic) doc where things ought to go, still I'd be 
MUCH HAPPIER (tm) with an install program intended to do same.


what basic thing am I missing about the installation?

The manuals for AIX are assuming DCE, I think I can work out how to
make it work with my vanilla kerberos, any gotchas here???

Would I be better off using Arla????

Thanks for any suggestions


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