[OpenAFS] Requesting WinNT and Win2k compiled client donation...

Brett Johnson mlafsinfo@k50.net
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:42:31 -0600

After banging my head many times getting our Linux AFS server up and
running I'm finally turning my head towards usage.  While the 1.03 Linux
client compiles and seems to perform quite well, our older IBM AFS 3.6
client for Windows has never been stable (IBM AFS or Open AFS).  Since I
don't have the M$ compiler nor libraries (nor the time or resources to put
into it), I was wondering if someone would take pity on me and share their
WinNT + Win2k client.

Come to think of it...It would be a really good idea to have a compiled Win
client on the main Open AFS download page.  There are a lot of desktop
machines that would benefit from this. :)