[OpenAFS] Microsoft's DFS

colin ellis live4linux@yahoo.co.uk
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:51:08 +0100 (BST)

Ok - point taken - nasty Microsoft trying to benefit
from another company's product name.

sounds from the tech description that it's working at
a layer above the 'new and improved' SMB.  Is that
really going to be better performance than AFS on UDP?

I sympathise with you that you have to explain to your
bosses why you would prefer to use the higher
performance and more stable system over something that
was created to 'sit there and look pretty in a box'.

Best of luck, sorry I wasn't of any help.


--- Gerhard Gonter <gonter@maestria.wu-wien.ac.at>
wrote: > According to colin ellis:
> > Just a query - are you sure it really is a
> microsoft
> > product?  From memory, microsoft just distributed
> the
> > DFS that transarc developed.  It may be worth
> looking
> No, Transarc sells DFS, Microsoft sells Dfs, these
> are completely
> different things.  Dfs has nothing to do with DFS or
> even AFS.
> See
> +gg
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