[OpenAFS] Microsoft's DFS

Dirk Heinrichs heinrichs@qis-systemhaus.de
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:44:37 +0200

"Norman P. B. Joseph" wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of Microsoft's DFS pr=
>  I'm asking here because some M$-centric types in my organization are l=
> at it in comparison with AFS (and, of course, with a bias towards Micro=
>  Does anyone know a good source of un-biased information about its stre=
nghts &
> weaknesses?
I don't know for shure, but I would believe that M$ Dfs is not available
for other Platforms than Windows, whereas (Open)AFS runs on both Unix
and Windows. If your company uses both systems, this would be an
argument for AFS.


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