[OpenAFS] Trouble Initializing Cell

Brett Johnson mlafsinfo@k50.net
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:26:10 -0600

I've seen something similar once before when I was experimenting.

In my case I had partial config files there that were enough to load some
other AFS parts that would lock the setting of the cell name.

The easiest way to get around is to delete and start over (shouldn't be bad
at this stage).  Luckily most of AFS is self contained. :)
rm -r /usr/afs /usr/vice
May not be a bad idea to clean out the /vicepX and cache directories if
there are anything in them.

Before you do so, do an lsmod and make sure the AFS module is present.

Also it would be helpful to know the kernel version and if this is self
compiled or an RPM.  Given that I used to use IBM AFS, I find the compiled
version easier to install with the manual.

B++/K90, Inc.

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On 3/28/01, at 10:22 AM, Geoff Silver wrote: 

>> These are my Red Hat 6.2 notes up to that point (should be good for
>> Since these are eaiser to read, double-check carefully up to where you
>>  If in doubt, clean up and start over.
>> It would also help to know what OS and such you are on if the problem
>> persists.
>Thanks for the instructions, although that's exactly where I'm at.  I'm
>also setting this up on Red Hat 6.2, and it's the last line (bos
>setcellname <machine> <cell> -noauth) where I have this trouble:
>	bos: failed to set cell (communications failure (-1))
>which confuses the heck out of me, because I've started the OpenAFS client
>and 'bosserver -noauth', and this *should* work...
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