[OpenAFS] problems with host name Ubik init failed

Blake Atkins Blake.Atkins@ScholarOne.com
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 17:44:08 -0400

I'm using Red Hat 7.1, kernel.org kernel 2.4.6 and OpenAFS 1.1.1a. I'm having 
trouble with the second server I'm attempting to add to my cell. After using 
'bos create' to start the ka, bu, pt, and vlserver, I get: 
"/usr/afs/bin/buserver: problems with host name Ubik init failed". I am not 
having this problem on the first server and they're configured nearly 
identical except for the host names. Our DNS servers have the correct forward 
and reverse mappings for the hostname<->ip address. My CellServDB contains 
one line with the first server and the second server listed. Any ideas?

Thanks much,