[OpenAFS] Linux client problems

Ravard Olivier Ravard Olivier <ravard@univ-rennes1.fr>
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:21:43 GMT

I compiled OpenAFS 1.1.1 on Linux RH7.1 kernel 2.4. No problem.
The configuration of the server is OK and the Windows client works

Using the Linux client, I can see (ls) all the files in the /afs=20
but when I copy a file (test.ps), I have the folowing message :

cp: writing `/afs/rep/test.ps: No such file or directory
cp: closing `/afs/rep/test.ps: No such file or directory

The file test.ps is in the /afs/rep directory but its size is only 4096 =

Is someone have an idea about this problem ?

Thank you.