[OpenAFS] path oddities (--with-transarc-paths) with 1.2.0

Tim Carlson tim.carlson@pnl.gov
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 12:05:44 -0700 (PDT)

A couple of things I noticed when installing 1.2.0 on a Linux box with a
2.4.x kernel and configuring wtih --enable-trasarc-paths

1) The afs binaries were installed into /usr/afs/bin when I was
expecting /usr/afsws/bin

2) The afs includes were installed in /usr/local/include when I was
expecting /usr/afsws/include. Same for the libraries.

3) The kernel modules were installed in /usr/vice/etc when I was expecting

4) All of these files were installed in /usr/local/sbin instead of

afsd    copyauth  kas          kseal       rmtsysd  vos
backup  fms       kdump-2.4.5  read_tape   rxdebug  vsys
butc    fstrace   kpwvalid     restorevol  uss

Possibly just an oversight? Or did I miss something in the config



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